Friday, December 29, 2006

Allah's Useful Land Library suggestion for the week of 12/24

Today's Allah's Useful Land Library suggestion is "Killing the Black Body" Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty" by Dorthy Roberts. It expands on the Wisdom Build degree in the 1-40 in this day and time. It touches on the racist implications of the current reproduction policy dealing with:

-access to and coercive dispensing of birth control to poor black women
-the criminalization of parenting by poor black women who have used drugs
-the stigmatization and devaluation of poor black mothers under the new welfare provisions
-the differential access to and disporportionate spending of social resources on the new reproductive technologies used by wealthy white couples ot insure genetically related offspring

*Allah's Useful Land Library is a research supplement for the Gods and Earths Nationwide in New Heaven, C-Truth currently w/ a collection of aprox 700 books (dealing with history, science, social sciences, etc...). This collection also has literature produced by our Nation (such as national periodicals, plus lessons, etc....). It is currently being set up so that Gods and Earths can come from abroad, research, and produce professional media that would hold up under anytype of critique.*

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Brother OMi said...

dope concept... i will have to build with HQ about this...