Monday, December 25, 2006

600 years of grafting vs Destruction in One Day

In the Neolithic Stone Age you have the sudden appearance (25:40) of various tribes in Europe and the Aegean Basin. We hold that it is upon this time that you have the appearance of Caucasian people on the planet. It is apparent that there was an incubation period for these various tribes before they worked to expand into Egypt and Asia Minor. This was part of the first Aryan expansion into Iran, Iraq, the Far East and India. After this expansion was checked another incubation period of aprox 2,000 (4:14) years happened by which they expanded again into the same area recorded as the Sea Peoples, the Hyksos, those who ‘took’ the name Aryan, etc.

During this second expansion period (reflected clearly in the turmoil that the region around the Aegean Sea, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean suffered during the shift from the Bronze age to the Iron age (aprox around the time ‘Musa’ came)) you have a lot of the foundations set for ‘western civilization’ which is the nurturer of white supremacy, colonialism and imperialism.

We hold that the present manifestation of the above is the result of original people not realizing the natural Equality that exist amongst Black and Brown peoples world wide (25:40 and 30:40..those two germs). Thus when that was imbalanced it allowed the foundation for the expansion of white supremacy. The momentum of white supremacy is such that it was an ’irresistible force’ as long as Europe was united as one and they were able to tap into the labor of the original people world wide. This was disrupted in 1914 (35:40) when the various tribes in Europe started fighting amongst one another and the age of imperialism came to an end.

If it took 600 years to make a negative reference point and it was reinforced over 6,000 years how can we Destroy it in one day? It’s the day you start to pay attention to the needs of original people and the conditions in your environment. We GAVE him the power to Rule i.e. be the standard. We take back the Rule when we realize the Ruler. I am the Ruler. I set the standard. I Understand how to Build and I don’t need a damn snow storm to know I need to build a house.

When you realize the above then there will be an IMMEDIATE difference in your life. Once I realized that all Black, Brown, and Yellow were BLACK we all started hanging together. Once I realized that it wasn’t about ‘who was pumping stuff in the neighborhood’ and started talking to the youth their lives changed. Once I cared not about what happened 6,000 years ago or how long it took I started to bring about the age of the sons and daughters of God on the planet.


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thought about this piece last night. invited this brazilian cat over and intro'ed him to the gods. dude was open...