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Why is the Black man God?

This is an essay by my alike The Supreme Understanding Allah from
Allah's Garden (Atlanta, GA). Take the best part.

Why is the Black man God?

Supreme Understanding Allah

The Original Man

The Black man is the first man. Several major anthropological studies
have document this widely accepted fact. All peoples descend from him,
either naturally or unnaturally. Europeans have even created fake
fossils like the Piltdown man to try to discredit and distort the
origins of humanity and place the first man in Europe. The earliest
fossils of man have been found in South Africa and East Africa. Hidden
History and Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo contains a wealth
of evidence detailing the earliest existence of humans, far predating
even the earliest accepted date of three million years ago.

The Father of Civilization

Blacks developed the first civilization(s). Throughout the ancient and
prehistoric world, Blacks have been the founders of all known
civilizations. Examples include the first dynasties of ancient China,
the pre-Hellenic Minoan and Mycenean civilizations which birthed
ancient Greece and Rome, the ancient Egyptians of course, the
pre-Semitic Chaldeans, Babylonians, Sumerians, and their other middle
Eastern neighbors, the Kushites and other obviously Black
civilizations in the continent known as Africa, the Olmecs, the early
Mayans and other Black pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas
(including the Black Indians Columbus met upon his initial voyages
here), the ancient Black civilizations of the Indus river valley in
India, and the Black civilizations of ancient Europe. Evidence of
these claims can be found in, African Presence in Early Asia edited by
Runoko Rashidi, African Presence in Early Europe, African Presence in
Early America, and They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima, and
The African Origin of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop. Further
evidence can be found on numerous articles, available on the internet,
authored by Clyde Ahmad Winters or Runoko Rashidi. Much of this can
also be found online at

The Maker and Owner

The worlds learned initiates have always regarded Blackness as the
source or original of all people and all things. Dr. Richard Kings The
Black Dot explains this phenomenon. The Black mans skin typically
contains of high concentrations of melanin, thus giving him a dark
appearance. The brain also produces a similar chemical known as
neuromelanin, which is vital to brain processing. Melanin is even
present in the atmosphere and throughout the universe in the blackness
of space. Research regarding this can be found at People, usually
Europeans, who are devoid of melanin are more likely to suffer and die
from diseases like skin cancer. The first man was naturally high in
melanin, and dark skin is a natural condition. White skin is an
unnatural anomaly, produced by selective breeding, not nature. More
information on melanin in the Black mans body can be found in Melanin:
The Chemical Key to Black Greatness.

Before the creation of the physical universe, Allah was present as the
creative intelligence that spawned itself and began developing all
life and matter from an initial atom. This first ATOM, imbibed with
the innate intelligence of God, was Allah The Original Man. The Sun
replaced this atom as the representation of the Black man until
ultimately God himself could take dominion over the earth in the
flesh. Intelligence still exists on a subatomic level, as is evident
from experiments conducted on light particles which were able to
consciously change their course. Mans sperm is consciously able to
determine which direction to travel to reach the egg, without a brain.
This universal, infinite intelligence is active in its highest form in
the individual mind of the Black man. The Black man is the primary
conduit for the intelligence that once created the universe, as he is
the Creator himself. Elijah Muhammad has written about this
self-creation process in depth in The Theology of Time. A fair
approach to the issue of the universes birth can be found in The Left
Hand of Creation and a number of other texts on the topic.

Source of the Worlds Learning

Until the contemporary attempts by Europeans to discredit the
capabilities of Blacks, the Black man has been regarded as surpassing
all people and nations in his wisdom and intellect. Visitors from
far-off lands studied among the Black teachers of Ancient Egypt in the
Mystery Schools. Socrates and other Greeks regarded as the fathers of
European philosophy were trained at these schools by Blacks. Plato,
Socrates student, challenged the Greek concept of God, which was in
fact a Europeanized version of the Black gods of Egypt. Plato, not
having met the true and living Gods himself, appeared disgruntled with
the human flaws of the otherwise supreme Greek gods. The Greeks were,
until the era of Plato, still praising and worshipping the Black men
of Egypt. These facts are documented in George G. M. James Stolen
Legacy and Martin Bernals Black Athena. Examples include Zeus and
Hercules, who were modeled after Osiris and Horus, and the Black god
Imhotep, who is revered in the primary creed of medicine, the
Hippocratic Oath. These Black individuals were not mythical figures,
but historical men of note. After Plato, the idea of a transcendant,
immaterial deity became popular. This is known as Neo-Platonic
thought. Most of the religious traditions of this region (Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam) were influenced heavily by this way of

Other examples of the Black mans reputation as the source for the
wisdom of sages are the famed Library of Alexandria in Egypt (burned
by Europeans), and the Universities of Timbuktu. Also important is the
learning of the Black Moors, who ruled Spain for 700 years (711-1492
AD) and taught the Europeans much of what they know now. It was in
fact the Moors who brought Europe out of its Dark Ages, much as it was
Blacks who brought Europeans out of the caves to teach and civilize
them some four thousand years ago. Books on these topics include Ivan
Van Sertimas Golden Age of the Moor and Paul Lawrence Guthries Making
of the Whiteman.

Supreme Being

All living matter is subservient to the Black mans rule. Given the
premise of Darwins theories regarding the survival of species, it is
evident that all life until this point has culminated in the
development of the supreme Black man, beginning with the simplest
one-celled organism. All living things are bound to the universal laws
of mathematics, the language in which God, as the creator, wrote the
universe, and in which God, as man, speaks and lives.

The Natural Order

The term Supreme Being suggests two things, one that God is Supreme,
and the other, that He is actually a being that exists. In terms of
beings that we can actually validate and verify, the Black man has
never heard, seen, felt, tasted, or smelled anything greater than
HIMSELF. While, there are things that exist that are unseen, they can
be verified, even measured. We cannot see the temperature, or the
wind, but there are scientific instruments we can use to document
their actual existence. On the other hand, an unreal God is ascribed
as the cause of very real circumstances. This defies the laws of cause
and effect. People credit God for natural disasters, but
investigations can be done to determine the actual physical or natural
causes. An invisible God does not make it rain; rain is produced from
a well-known process known as the water cycle. In essence, nothing can
be proven to be supreme over the Black man. While believers will claim
that their feeling is proof enough, peoples feelings have never proven
anything. People have felt the presence of ghosts, aliens, witches,
warlocks, mermaids, imaginary friends, and Santa Claus. Many of these
people have been very adamant, even forceful, about having others
believe what they believe in. Does that prove that it is real?

Genetic Dominance

The Black gene is dominant. Most unbiased human biology textbooks will
explain this assertion in detail. The Black mans genetic legacy, even
after generations of imposed race-mixed, have consistently proven him
physically superior. Any observer of contemporary sports can testify
to that fact.

The God of Scripture

The God of all religious traditions has been a Black man. The authors
of the scriptures have recorded numerous instances where God is
described either as a man (Genesis 2: 8, 18:1-3, Exodus 15:3, 24:9-11,
33:11, ), as Black (Daniel 7:9, Revelation 1:15), a group of men
(Genesis 3:22, 11:7), or man himself (Psalms 82:6, John 10:34). One of
the words used for God in the Old Testament is Elohim, which means
Gods in Hebrew. Actually Elohim is a botched transliteration of the
original Hebrew world Allahim, the result of corrupt Jewish Masoretic
scribes rewriting (and editing) the Pentateuch by hand around the
sixth century AD. This can be found in several texts on the history of
the Bible. The world Allahim, or Elohim, is also used to refer to the
group of men who were regarded as the leaders of the Hebrew people,
the Judges. The other popular term for God in the Old Testament is
YHWH. YHWH is not meant to be pronounced as Jehovah. YHWH, when
written in Hebrew from top to bottom, represents the form of a man.
Similarly, the name Allah, which has made it from its origins among
the Black Arabs of Mecca to the pre-Columbian Blacks of America AND
the first Black slaves and finally to the mainstream of Blacks in
America is a name best understood in the present context of
Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head. The name Allah was also used as the word for man
amongst the Black people of ancient Harappan civilization in India.

The New Testaments message is clear. Jesus, a Black man (Revelation
1:15), attempts to redeliver a message of righteousness to the people.
One can see, upon thorough reading of the Bible, that his message is
not about praising and worshipping him (John 14:12), but about
manifesting the God within and improving their lives. Jesus explains
to his followers that they are Gods also (John 10:34), but to no
avail. The people insist on following him and making him their God. An
interesting article on Christianity and the Black Christ can be found

The fact that the God of the Bible is Black is also well documented at

In the Quran, Allah is described as having a face that believers will
see in the last days (presumably after death). The Quran makes
mentions of Allahs hands being tied down, but otherwise, the
Neo-Platonic influence on Islam is strong. Still, Allah makes Adam out
of Black mud to be His Khalifa, or vicegerent, on Earth. A vicegerent
is a successor responsible for handling the duties of his predecessor.
The concept of Allah as man in early Islam is detailed in a journal
article at

Nearly all religious and spiritual traditions teaching the doctrine of
God as man and man as God. This paradigm, however, is usually reserved
for the esoteric (hidden) side of the teaching. For example, there is
mainstream Christianity, and then there is Gnostic Christianity, which
teaches of man as God and God as man. Islam has Sufism, Judaism has
the Kaballah, Buddhism has the Hinayana school, and Hinduism has the
tradition found in the Upanishads. All of these are considered the
lesser-known aspect of these major traditions, and all teach that the
Black man is God. Even in African religions, there is a tradition
regarding the transcendent God that is removed from human affairs, and
the immanent God, who is physically present, but people are not
allowed to personally see him. Of course, the earlier traditions were
very explicit that all of their Gods came in the form of men. Godfrey
Masseys Anacalypsis is an old, rare work with several references to
the Black Christ, the Black Krishna (of Hinduism), the Black Buddha,
the Black gods of Egypt, and other Black gods throughout the world.

Christianity, the most popular religion among American Blacks, was
given to Blacks before slavery by European missionaries employed to
soften up the native peoples defenses. Thus the saying, First they had
the Bible and we had the land. Now we have the Bible and they have the
land. Small conflicts were then magnified into fullscale wars while
guns were poured into these countries. Prisoners of war and other
kidnapped Blacks then became slaves for white landowners. These white
landowners noticed that the Muslim slaves were always fighting back
and leading rebellions. They began systematically stripping Blacks of
their old culture, language, history and traditions and supplanting
these with European ideals and programmed fear. Along with this, they
taught their slaves Christianity to keep them pacified in hopes of one
day attaining heaven after death. The slaves were told of a white
Jesus, son of a white God, and the white chosen people of God. They
were taught to be obedient and serve as slaves and take their
beatings. If they rebelled, theyd go to hell, but if theyd submit to
what was in effect hell on earth, theyd have heaven after death. Today
our practice the same kind of religion on the same premise. Though
white pictures of Jesus are not as popular among American Blacks as
they are in Africa (where they are the norm), the Christianity
practiced is still a slave religion designed to keep the suffering and
enslaved from questioning, challenging, or changing their conditions
on earth.

The Modern Context

Considering the ubiquitous and inhuman attempts by Europeans to
systematically destroy the Black man, it is evident that there is more
to the true nature of the Black man than an ex-slave whose services
are no longer needed. While Europeans have no qualms with promoting
education and healthy habits among college-bound Black women, Black
men have been pushed increasingly towards jails and early death. The
white-led media perpetuates and promotes images of criminality and
ignorance among Black youth. Black men are consistently targeted and
discriminated against in nearly every American institution, from law
enforcement to education to employment. Black men are characterized as
overly aggressive, mentally inferior, prone to criminal behavior and
wanton violence, devoid of any moral character, and incapable of
alleviating their negative circumstances. Throughout the world, the
situation is the same for Black males. In regions where Blacks are the
dominant population group, the whole region is usually being ravaged
and decimated by war, famine, or AIDS. When these factors are still
not enough to keep the Black population from growing, as was the case
in Black India, birth control and forced sterilization has been
implemented. The global agenda for world white supremacy is clear. The
Black man, God, has been and still is the only impediment to that

Is it clear yet?


There is only one God, not many.

As polytheistic as it sounds to say that Black men are Gods, the
statement is anything but. There is only one God, and that God is THE
Black man. The Black man is a unified whole, much as the water on the
earth is in reality one connected body that is split into different
regions, or containers. We share a mind at its highest level. This
mind is the one that designed the universe in the language of
mathematics, and set the processes by which all natural systems would
continue to operate. While, at our conscious level, many of us are
focused on eating and talking, there is a higher level to our
consciousness that functions on the wavelength of intelligent design.

It sounds racist to say the Black man is God.

God is the Original Man. The primordial man, the first physical
vehicle for Gods immanent presence on Earth, was a Black body.
Throughout the universe, Blackness prevails as the origin of all
things. Black body radiation, Black holes, and the presence of melanin
in space tell us a great deal. The first humans, of course, were
Black. Today, the Black man is found throughout the Earth in a variety
of shades and hues. Many of them are natural descendants of the
original Black genotype, while others are admixtures resulting from
miscegenation with whites. Who are whites then? Paul Lawrence Guthrie,
in Making of the Whiteman, documents the creation and exile of the
white race, who would forever change the course of human and social
development on this planet. Numerous theories abound as to the origins
of the white race, none of them entirely plausible. The vast
differences between white people and Black people could only result
from selective breeding, as Darwin noted, not from any evolutionary
process. And certainly not simply due to cold weather, as African
Presence in Early Europe by Ivan Van Sertima documents the presence of
Blacks having lived in arctic regions for thousands of years without
their skin lightening. At any rate, the statement of Black Godhood is
a positive statement and one of affirmation, not of condemnation of
other people.

It sounds chauvinist to say the Black man is God.

Just as the Sun and Moon occupy important places and roles in the
solar system, so do Man and Woman. An immense body of scientific
research details the significant physical, mental, emotional, and
social differences between males and females. Stating that the Black
man is God is not meant to degrade or debase the Black woman, but to
affirm HIS role, and not take anything away from hers. God represents
the creative force in the universe. In all scriptural and mythological
accounts, God somehow impregnates either the Earth, the celestial
void, or the blackness of space, to produce life and/or the universe.
The planting of the seed would be futile without the fertile soil in
which to plant it. Early mythology related the woman to the Earth, the
receiver and bearer of life. Many of these ancient societies
eventually abandoned the worship of the Black God, the Father God, as
He was described as distant and unconcerned with human affairs.
Instead, the focus shifted to the Earth Mother, who was celebrated and
praised for her fertility and the sustenance she provided. Today, we
refer to the Black woman as a Queen, as the Mother of Civilization,
and as the Earth.

There is no God.

Several authors have addressed the debate between intelligent design
and the possibility that this universe, this Earth, and humanity, were
the products of chance and coincidence. The likelihood of just one
atom simply phasing into existence by chance is so remote that it cant
be calculated fairly. The evidence for intelligent design is great.
However, it doesnt point to the immaterial, invisible God of the
Creationists, but to the culmination of God on Earth, the Black man,
as its source. Much as a computer program can be written to repeat in
cycles, or concentric spirals, of activity, history has followed a
natural set of laws and patterns to produce this exact stage of
development. The original writer for this program, or history, was the
infinite (since the beginning) Black mind, present in the ultimate
(final) Black man. An examination of history will lead one to question
the probability of coincidental events, the aligning of real events
and prophecy, the cyclical or spiral nature of all development, and
why on earth is the same spiral that one can find in the formation of
the universes galaxies and the currents of the Earths waters, present
in our own fingertips?

The Black man cant be God or the Black man wouldnt be living in such
depraved conditions.

This argument appears to make a great deal of sense. Why on earth
would GOD be dancing around BET like a clown, flashing guns and money
amidst a bunch of gyrating scantily-clad women? Or why would GOD be
trapped in the slums in abject poverty, with the highest incarceration
rates in the country, failing to educate himself or uplift his people,
and instead choosing to smoke, drink, and fornicate his life away?

Well, for beginners, this deplorable image of the Black man is, in
great part, more of a construction of the media, than an accurate
representation of the GLOBAL Black man. The Black man is a unified
whole, comprised of peoples of color from all over the world,
representing a multitude of different behaviors, attitudes and
lifestyles. One thing these peoples have in common is their oppression
by white supremacy (also known as European imperialism, British
colonization, American capitalism, manifest destiny, the Crusades,
Christian conversion, etc.).

The results of this system in America have been especially tragic.
Black people, kidnapped from peaceful and prosperous homelands, were
sold in the Americas, stripped of their language, ideologies, and
culture, and brainwashed. The brainwashing never ceased. In fact,
examination of the Willie Lynch letters shows us that further
brainwashing was instrumental in continuing the oppression of the
Black male beyond his physical bondage.

In the Bible it states that the last shall be first and the first
shall be last. During the time the Egyptians were building pyramids,
Europeans were creating large mounds of waste in Europe. The garbage
piles these cavemen created were often so large, there have evolved
into modern-day hillsides. Today, the reverse seems true. But there is
a sleeping giant awaiting awakening. Even in the worst of conditions,
in jails and ghettos throughout the U.S., Black men continue to awaken
to the knowledge of themselves and begin the journey back to their
true nature. For every individual walking in darkness and chasing the
American dream of money and sex, there is another individual walking
up out of that sleep and seeing God in the mirror.

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