Monday, July 24, 2006

Military Training

Original People have fought in every single war of this country; all
the way from the Revolutionary War well into our current conflict in
Iraq. We didn't always have full inclusion as a citizen of this
country though in terms of the benefits and basics. Some wars (Civil
War, WW I, WWII) are better known than others (Mexican-American War,
Korean War, etc.). Yet each war was important because the original
people who served as soldiers during the war came back with new skill
sets and many times a new ideology based in part on their experiences
during the war.

During WWII the United States government became scared because of alot
of the 'pro-Japanese' support coming from the Black community
(specifically muslims of the Nation of Islam under the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad and a branch of the Moorish Science Temple). This
became the platform by which the U.S. became aware of alot of Black
Nationalist groups and started their Cointelpro actions even back
then. During the Korean War and Vietnam war the U.S. became afraid
that the Original soldiers were going to come back and teach their
communities elements of warfare. Well, that did happen. Alot of the
revolutionary groups of the 60's and 70's ('african-american',
'latino', 'native-american', 'asian', etc.) were putting to use skills
that they learned in the wars they participated in. Even today the
U.S. is concerned about its troops in Iraq because many troops are
affiliated with either street gangs or neo-nazi groups.

"....but I did benefit by knowing how to teach a man. To teach a man
to make a boy a man."

When alot of historians go over the life of ALLAH they focus on the
muslims of the Nation of Islam as being the major 'force' that caused
him to come to the realization that he was ALLAH. As pointed out by
many of my righteous brothers, if this 'transformation power' is
intrinsic in the Nation of Islam then EVERY muslim would have made the
same realization. Some may have come to that 'realization' yet ALLAH
was the first to publically announce it AND teach others that they
were the Supreme Being also.

The key is that ALLAH also had a unique experience and Understanding
that was HIS. Part of this experience and Understanding came about
from his experiences in the Korean War. He brought this to the table
when he entered Temple #7.

When one first comes into this way of life it appears easy to 'just be
a parrot'. Yet if one is just a parrot then the qualitiy of one's
life will be parrot-like and that is a beast way of life. One is
develops a true Understanding of the curriculum brings their own
experience, trials and tribulations to the table and transforms them.
And through self transformation you transform the life around you.

I have definite views on war, conflict, etc. I have definite
politics. What I am learning though is to recognize RESOURCES. There
are currently many soldiers coming back from the conflict in Iraq whom
have learned various skill sets that were taught to them by the armed
forces. How do we intergrate them back into the community in a
proactive fashion? Do they have computer skills, health skills, etc.
Now that they are no longer in the armed conflict are they looking for
a goal and purpose?

At one point and time 1/3 of the homeless people on the street were
soldiers from the Vietnam war. Due to politics, governmental
negligance, propaganda, etc. they weren't allowed to integrate back
into society. Check out a veteran and see what they have to offer to
you, your family, and your community.


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