Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day I and the fruit of the tree

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My alike, Sha-King, mentioned in his blog about Day One. Each year during this time I utilize it as one of reflection upon the state of the Nation and my role within it. Over the years since I came into this Nation I have revaluated my role at various points. Thus Day One serves as a reminder about renewal and how to make sure that one doesn’t fall a victim to the elements of stagnation that tend to creep into one’s life.

I have blessed myself these past few months to meet several different people whom are undergoing states of renewal and who also remind me about the axiom that ‘the only constant is change’ such as Shameek Allah, Scientific Born Allah, the Earths Iseaq (I Self Earth Allah’s Queen) and Queen Mahal. Also just people in my general Cipher such as the poetess Jade and my man the aerosol artist Swerm.

One year ago from Day One we constructed I-Victory’s first Book of Life. We made an art project out of constructing a Universal Flag for the cover out of construction paper and we recorded his Supreme Mathematics in it. From that day to this he has committed his Supreme Mathematics to memory and can manifest his Understanding of each principle. This year we look forward to him coming into a greater Understanding of Supreme Mathematics and a general Understanding of the Supreme Alphabet.

In some previous blogs my righteous brothers mentioned about their birth in the Nation. I-Majestic , Justice Rajee, and Sha-King all recalled those first moments. Seeing my righteous brothers reflect on how they came into this Nation caused me to think about my own birth in this Nation. There were several parts of my ‘trimester’ birth; from when I got my Knowledge about the Nation from talking with Powerful Math Great Allah and Black Asiatic Allah in High School and getting Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet from them, to traveling to the Holy City of Mecca (Harlem) and getting bombed by 1st Born Prince Allah in the school, to meeting up with God Darmel Allah who passed down to me 120 degrees and whose tree I became a part of. All of the above was part of my own growth and development in the Nation.

What has been the blessing for me has been the opportunity to pass 120 degrees down to others and introduce them to this Nation. They have all gone to be great in their own ways. I want to dedicate this to those whom have added on to the tree. I don’t have reflections of them all yet here they be:

My own family
Just Self Allah
Divine Nature Allah
India She Rains Earth
Barshem Allah
Victorious I Justice Allah
Eternal Allah
Lord Sun Allah
Beautiful Isle Earth
L’Asia Earth
Radiant Allah
I Born Justice Allah
Asu Sham Allah
C Allah Manifest
Knowledge Respect Allah
Ebony Serenity Earth
Wise Be Allah
Kahelah Symetric Earth
Nalasia Divine Earth

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