Monday, August 22, 2005

Brought over by the Trader

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My good brother Justice Rajee recently posted a review of "The Queen's Slave Trader: John Hawkyns, Elizabeth I, and the Trafficking in Human Souls" by Nick Household. He dropped some jewels so y'all need to go check it out.

What is interesting is how we as original people slice up the diaspora. One element that seems to get left out is that it was a TRIANGULAR slave trade. Blacks being taken from the Ivory and Gold Coasts always seem to be mentioned. The slavery in the Americas seems to always be mentioned yet the slaves that were brought back to England aren't often mentioned nor the effects of the trade on the English economy.

Human labor where slave or 'wage' slave is the basis of many economies. During the cattle slave eras 'they' at least admitted it. I mean look at the coat of arms of John Hawkins.

It is important to realize the bond between the United States and England. Past and Present. It is important to get an overview of your neighborhood's economic practices,your city's economic practices, as well as your own household (can you account for every penny that you spent last month?). When you start to see what is coming in and going out you can start to direct that flow; conserve or inundate.

One of the 'dialects' of our forgotten language of order (mathematics) is economics. The greatest factor in economics is for one to realize their own self worth. Slave Traders realized the 'worth' of free labor. Retail and Minimum wage jobs realize the 'worth' of 'free' labor (look at the stock of some place like Walmart or McDonalds, see how much money the corporation is making and then check your average worker's paycheck).

Though this article is focusing on Hip Hop artists it can be applied to many in different occupations. Know your worth!


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