Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend in review

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-The Earth and the young Star spent a few days in Now Justice (New Jersey) with her Old Earth. They had taken the train down during the middle of the week before the bombings in Love Divine (London). I decided, in light of the current climate, to go and pick them up. Speaking of Love Divine, Sincere Allah out in the UK has informed us that all of the Gods and Earths are accounted for. He also states there is a lot of Building to be done in light of the events.

-At the age of Equality (six) the male seed is the responsibility of God. What this means is that around that age the son starts to see that he is a male like the Father. He looks specifically to the Father in terms of how to develop from a boy into a man. I am overwhelming glad with the development of I-Victory. The Earth told me of his activities during his visit at his Grand Old Earth’s rest. He calls me ‘God’ and ‘Daddy’ equally. His Grand Old Earth questioned him on calling me God (though she KNOWS primarily what we deal with she doesn’t have the Understanding). According to my Earth he ran off my righteous name, my honorable name and then God. In closing he said it’s all the same and that he calls me God…RFLMAO. Also, his Grand Old Earth tried to feed him shrimp (part of the dietary law of the Gods and Earths is that we don’t eat pork AND we don’t eat scavengers in general). He basically told her that he doesn’t eat it and that it looks like an insect. He then ran off the list of foods that he doesn’t eat to her such as crab, lobster, pork, etc…rflmao.

-The Earth and myself went to the Digable Planets
and J-Live concert last night. It was off the meter! We got to Build with Justice (J-Live) a little before the show started outside. The opening act was the crew from Maine called Ill Natural. Check out their website. They did a good set. J-Live ripped it! From the moment that he stepped on the stage until he left he had total mic control. He has an ill mastery of all of the elements of mcing; from stage presence, call and response, DJing (yes I said it DJing), and appropriate material. He also did some cuts from his upcoming album “The Hereafter.” Digable Planets killed it also. It was like they never left. They were definitely unit. This was my first time seeing them perform. Ladybug Mecca also did some cuts from her upcoming album. Ishamel (Butterfly) also has his Cherrywine production going on. At the end of the whole show through Justice and Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug), and Digable Planets in general they had everyone doing the PROPER peace sign (vs the sign for victory).

-For the record, C-Truth is a ‘rich’ state yet all of that economic prosperity is concentrated in a few places. C-Truth also isn’t all ‘trees and open land’ either. The Heartland (Hartford), Bethlehem (Bridgeport), New Heaven (New Haven), New Life (New London), and Norwalk all are built up urban areas with thick ghettos. The ethnic make-up of New Heaven alone is diverse and I don’t mean just because of Yale University. It is just like any other metropolitan area. There is a Latino section (primarily Mexican and Puerto Rican), huge African-American sections,Far East Indian sections, white, etc.


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Divine Ruler Equality Allah said...

Peace God, and I am
glad the Earth arived
back to New Heaven
before the events that
transpired in "Universal"
Kingdom. Yeah I got to
build with Justice for
a sec at the show in Divine
See, although I had
basically missed the entire
show, with dealing with
delays on road travel.
Peace God.