Friday, July 08, 2005


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I got a lot on the mental. It’s like halal jambalaya. Eat your fill.

-First off Bro Omi left an ill post regarding the 4th of July on his website. Make sure you take time to do the Knowledge. I for one just spent time with the family, ate some food, and saw some bright lights in the night sky. From the observtion in my Kingdom most people don’t CELEBRATE the 4th. They don’t have huge patriotic speeches and rallies, dress up in the red/white/blue, nor do they dress up as some American historical figure. I am sure that they do that SOMEWHERE in C-Truth yet not around my way.

-Here is an interview from Wise Intelligent. Here is an older one if you didn’t do the Knowledge to this one before also.

- Muammar Gaddafi is killin’ it! He is pushing that the part of Asia called Africa become a borderless continent i.e. the United Countries of Africa. He is stressing this because he is saying that they shouldn’t continue to put their selves in debt to Europe and America. They should rather focus on their own wealth and resources to Build each other up. Why does the devil call our people Africans? Check out the article here.

-Do the Knowledge to my brother Justice Rajee’s new Hip Hop Blog Raw Grain.

-I’m 1/3 closer to that target weight in terms of getting back in ‘fighting’ condition. Tightened up that diet and rocking the early morning exercise routine. I should be in dancing form by the Rock Steady Crew reunion.

-A good brother of my separated from his Earth. I just wanted to make Knowledge Born that it ain’t easy maintaining a family in this current society. It also isn’t easy when your value system isn’t necessarily the same as this society. I am working through the renewal of the mileage between the Earth and myself. That’s right, I said it. Everything ain’t always pork-free gravey. If you do the Knowledge to the Sun and the Earth NOTHING is static. Everything is moving, shifting, and changing in order to maintain harmony. In the near future I will drop a post reflecting on this.

-Speaking of the solar system (family) watch your babies please. This weekend during the ‘independence’ weekend there was a family who was partying. While they were ‘getting their party on’ their 3 year old child drowned in the pool.

-No I didn’t forget about my book review of ‘Five Percenter Rap’ yet I’m going to have to push it back a little back due to other things on the table.

-I am waiting to hear back from my alike Sincere in the UK to see what the status of the Gods and Earths is at there in Love Divine (London). I was speaking with my Earth though and she mentioned that several of the spots that she visited were hit by the bombs today.

-I am going to use my blog ‘The Science of Everything in Life’ also as a book suggestion/review blog in addition to the various links that I put there. Be on the lookout for stuff there soon.

-Finally, July 4th 1930 is when the Prophet W.D. Fard aka Master Fard Muhammad revealed himself to the Lost-Found in the Wilderness of North America


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Brother OMi said...

thanks for the love....
thanks for the links as well

it is not easy maintaining a healthy, wholistic relationship in this society. i can attest to that