Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wise Son

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Don’t test me!

I got an e-mail from someone is regards to my post saying that Wise Son, the comic character of milestone comics (a sub-branch of DC) was inspired by the Nation of Gods and Earths. Don’t they know that ‘bout’ the only ‘toys’ that I got when I was little was comics that my Old Earth use to buy at garage sales (which is how I became a comic head also)? Anyway, here is the show and prove from Christopher Priest, the former Editor and Chief of Milestone Media:

I created the names "Hardware," "Static," and several of the Blood Syndicate guys: "Tech-9", "Wise Son"— named after a childhood friend who became a member of the orthodox Black Muslim sect known as The Five Percent, "Third Rail," "DMZ."

You can find the whole article at this spot.

-Another person has e-mailed me that I am not speaking on ‘five percenter beliefs’ enough. They asked me why I ain’t speaking about the ‘big headed scientist Yacub’, ‘Grand-Daddy Shabazz’, ‘white man as devil’, ‘grafting’, etc. Of course I have ‘issues’ with the terminology ‘belief’ yet I will let that ride. What I will address though is that I AM speaking on that which is relevant to Gods, Earths, and all of the human families of the planet Earth. Yes, we Build on the day’s Mathematics and corresponding degrees. The WAY that the true and living God and Earth Builds on that knowledge though is not as ‘philosophizing’. We Build on that knowledge as it is relates to us in this day and time. So when you see me relating how I am living then I AM speaking about our ideology IN MOTION.

-My Earth arrived back safely from Love Divine (London) on India Airlines. While in Love Divine she spent her time amongst Far East Indians, Pakastanians, and African-English. I am asking her to record her experience (she is still basking in it). I have traveled outside of the U.S. before yet this was my Earth’s first time. I am glad that her own perspective on original people worldwide has been expanded. Her ¾’s has also been enhanced by Indian garments (yes it’s magnetic).

-Someone asked me about Uprocking. When I was 13-14 I use to get on the Metro-North train and go to Medina. This was like mid 80’s. Uprocking, as a dance art form, was in a low tide due to the onslaught of floor rocking (aka ‘breaking’ or ‘break-dancing’), the dominant form of street dance that was on the scene with the explosion of Hip Hop. I went to Medina and learned how to Uprock from some Puerto Rocks (my elementary usage of Spanglish got me through) in a basement to a scratchy LP of Apache. Being that this was one of the low tides of Uprocking it wasn’t getting any media love like floor rocking at the time. Shoot, you would be hard pressed, even nowadays, to detect someone who knows specifically what Uprocking is vs floor-rocking or top-rocking. While learning it I heard stories of its ‘glory days’. Little did I know that it would renew itself like a bennu (real Egyptian/Ta-Merrian term for the Greek phoenix) due to the efforts of such pioneers such as King Uprock and others. I make sure that this gets passed down. Right now the Earth has elementary steps, I-Victory is learning 6 step in floor rocking, and I taught a few others how to Uprock.

-I know it’s late news to for many yet I wanted to let everyone know that Digable Planets are back together. They are performing up in New Heaven sometime in July. I’m planning to attend with the Earth. As an aside here is some of the work that Cee Knowledge Allah (Doodlebug) has been involved in since that time.

-I had just given the Source magazine a little props because they did the article on the Nation (even though if fcuked up the names of the 1st nine born). Now it was to be a 2 part article. I picked up the Source magazine for this month and THERE IS NO PART II TO THE ARTICLE. SOURCE MAGAZINE…WHERE’S IT AT!!!!!

-Finally. It’s getting hot out there. For those of you who puff herb, hit the cervezas, and who are out and about in general don’t forget to get plenty of H2O. If your urine is heavy yellow your bladder, kidney and liver are straining. Clean that waste out.


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