Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Rod Was Raised

Like many of my brothers I ‘raised the rod’ during the month of May ( I abstained from various things. Some I am going to welcome back into my Cipher, others I am discarding forever. During the first few days of abstaining, as anyone who has ever fasted knows, you became very aware of the magnetic power of the object that you are abstaining from. After those first few days the mind and body develops a new equilibrium and the object doesn’t have as strong a degree of attraction power over you anymore. When you aren’t focused on those things as strongly anymore you are afforded a certain clarity to your whole circumference.

Then what happened?

You understand your potential and can affect how you’re living. In simple terms the religious phrase “Thy will be done” is transformed into MY will be done. I see what I need to do vs. what I want to and bring it about.


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