Wednesday, May 25, 2005

To the East

One of the keys for growth and development is to broaden one’s view from local to universal and find the balance between both. Look for universal patterns and see how they are applicable on the local level. See how what one does on a local level can expand to encompass the universe.

If one looks toward the East one can see that various groups of original people are choosing to work with each other rather then work with the European Union or the United States that historically have been their oppressors in terms of slavery, colonization, genocide, etc.. You can see this in this news with Zimbabwe and China (;:4278b8ec:4d236e7d4fd1bebf?type=topNews&localeKey=en_ZA&storyID=8384795)

and Africa and India (
It has always been the union of Original People that the European Union and the United States feared because then these people would then become self sufficient. One of the main thrust for slave trade and colonization is that these parts of the planet are rich in resources; mentally and physically. When they realize that they will get rich from their own labor then Europe and the U.S. can no longer get rich off of their labor.

It is important for original people in this part of the planet to ‘get a clue’ also and pool our resources for one common cause.

The only way that a minority on the planet can keep control over a majority is through making sure that the majority fractures. The easiest way to do this is to make everyone think that they are different then one another. It is also known as the ‘Willie Lynch’ syndrome ( We, as original people, have bought into this for so long that many of us actually think that we ARE different from each other. Many of us identify more with a group of people that have historically oppressed us rather than with other ethnic groups who have a similar history of oppression.

If you live in ‘any ghetto u.s.a.’ you know the science. Who can forget ‘Black Korean’ by Ice Cube? How many ‘african-americans’ complain about all of the East Indian or foreign Muslims who own all of those ‘quickie-marts’? How many ‘mock’ the ‘africans’ street vendors?

Shoot, look at the fear that a RUMOR causes in Love Allah (Los Angeles) (

What is the remedy? Stay tuned for pt II.


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