Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's you know where your children are?

For those of us old enough remember do the Knowledge to this.

I was in 4th grade. This was around when the 'Candy Man' urban legends started popping up (yeah...the movie ripped off a Black urban legend). It was also around the time of the satanic child abuse conspiracies also popping up. I remember inside recess and mad police presence around the schools during these times. I remember reading years later on how the FBI was investingating the KKK in regards to the murders and NONE of that information made it to the trial. I also remember reading on how the murders didn't stop. Also there were a host of murders of poor black females in Atlanta afterwards also.

This is relevant to me because we are responsible not only for our children. We are responsible for the children of our community. If we cannot forge a sense of unity within our community for one common cause then that is when we are vunerable to devilishment.

How well do you know your block? Would you recognize if there was a stranger on your block? Would you be mistakened for a stranger on your block? Do the children on the block know you? Do you know them? Blocks are for Building and the 'Block' is one of the smallest units for constructing a community.

Let's get those hands dirty and start Building.


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