Friday, May 06, 2005



Today I took a personal day from work to go on a field trip with my son's class. Myself and the Earth take turns adding on with his class with field trips, parent conferences, etc. The trip was to Mystic Sea Aquarium which is in Mystic, CT about 40 minutes East of New Heaven (New Haven) just outside of New Life (New London). I was given responsibility for a group of four children which included I-Victory. I spent alot of the day observing the babies in action.

One of the 'classical' definitions for Knowledge in our Nation is to stop, look, listen and observe with respect. That first part is key...STOP. It is not just important for children to listen to us, it is important for us to listen to them in order to gain insight into what they are observing and how they are processing information.

What I was impressed with was the level of intellect at this point in their development. It lends weight to the effects of being fed the wrong foods later on in life and being fed said foods consistently. At this point where they are been fed less of the wrong foods they make many on point observations about how to act right(eous), what is real and what isn't, and general cooperation.

I was also impressed by my own son's magnetic (okay, okay, was the Father in me coming out). He regularly calls me either Dad or God...each one about 50% of the time. By the end of the day all the babies in my groups were calling me We the language of our Nation constantly in our household. He uses it also. What I was suprised by though was that he had already influenced some of the children in his class to speak some of the language. So when the children were sharing one of the said something about 'dealing in Equality'. When they were speaking about paying attention they were saying 'do the KNowledge.' It was crazy. It was like I was in a Civilization Class:)

Power is invested and the greatest investment that one can make is in the future. It is up to us to develop means for our children to express their self confidence in a productive manner.


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