Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Duty

In 120 degrees the Gods and Earths are reminded that we have a duty to perform as civilized people. This involves making sure that this message reaches those who need the message. My good brother Justice Rajee Allah had an extensive explanation about the root of duty in his blog space Brave Thinking on May 2nd (

While doing the Knowledge to his essay I realized that God has a duty toward Earth and Earth has a duty toward God. Those with Knowledge of Self are never satisfied to define their self as ‘just’ a ‘baby’s daddy’ or ‘baby’s mama’. We realize that our duty compels us to fulfill the roles of Father and Mother respectively. This is the value marker in our Culture.
There is a corner store on the end of my block. We make frequent use of it. I’m “all grown up now” so I don’t have the idle time that I use to in order to just ‘hang out’. I have chosen to use my time to spend with my family, pursue my own growth and development, and focus on different aspects of Building in Allah World Manifest.

I took time though last night to speak with some of the young boys on the corner last night. This is how I use to reach all of the youth yet as I grew older with new responsibilities I had to manage my time more effectively. While speaking with them I realize that I uphold a certain standard as a Ruler. A Ruler sets standards which are the Rules. God is the measurer of all things. Through them seeing me live out my role as a Father in my Kingdom at home it creates an avenue for me to perform my duty as a civilized person to them.


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