Monday, February 21, 2005

Life Every Voice?

I was in Elementary School in the mid to late 70’s. This was an important time because it was in the tail end of the Black Power Movement and it was the next era after the Civil Rights Movement. It was the ‘promise’ of a new world that would be ‘colored blind’. It was a time for me that I remember that there was a lot of black cartoons and representations on TV. School House Rock had Black segments (‘Verb..That’s What’s Happening), there were whole black cartoons like Rickety Rocket, Fat Albert, etc..

I went to Martin Luther King Elementary School in New Haven, CT where my Old Earth taught also. It was K-5. We were in that ‘african-american’ culture time. I remember teachers with afros and dashikis, etc. I also remember that at all school functions we sang the ‘african-american’ National Anthem. EVERYBODY in that school knew it and the parents.

I went to my son’s school’s Black History Program the other day. I must say that it was well put together as a collage of various ‘african-americans’ in American history. The issues in my previous post on Black History Month still standing though. What was interesting to me though was that the 3rd grade class opened the program by singing the ‘african-american’ national anthem which is ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’. They asked everyone to stand. I thought there was going to be this resounding rendition of the song with everyone taking part. What I witnessed was only a few in the audience, myself included, who knew the song. Also, the majority of the audience didn’t respect the song the way that an anthem should be respected even if one doesn’t know the words.

An anthem is a declaration of a Nation’s values, purpose, and direction. It is afforded great importance because any Nation wants its citizens to be focused on achieving the Nation’s goals.

The Nation of Gods and Earths has a beautiful anthem entitled ‘The Enlightener’. It was composed by Knowledge Allah and Amar Education Allah. It was ratified by Allah. If you are a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths you should know our anthem. It needs to be an important part of Nation events and gatherings. Don’t let what I saw at my son’s program become a mirror of activity (or non-activity) in our own Nation. Learn our anthem.

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