Monday, January 05, 2009

Black Isa

Ibu Gets Lyrical - Sir Ibu Of Divine Force
Black Isa Allah was from the streets of the Holy City of Mecca. He was my alike in more than one way. Primarily though he was getting his degrees from God Darmel the same time that I was. Yet unlike me he didn't have to travel 2 damn hours on Metro-North to get to Harlem. I was always salty about that. We didn't always come through at God Darmel's house at the same time yet when we did you can bet that it was going to be an all night long Building session.

Oftentimes God Darmel would just send us out to pick up some damn random item from the bodega or corner store. Little did I realize that it was always planned. ALLAH mentioned that each Black seed was to have a Brown and a Yellow, each Brown seed a Black and a Yellow and each Yellow seed a Black and a Brown. In layman's terms you had to have a brother to watch your back. In effect Black Isa is my Black seed and became my first brother in the Nation.

I remember that we use to meet up at the 125th stop for Metro-North and go over degrees before we got to God Darmel's house, both pulling out our books of life when there was a question about wording and such. There was the time that we brought some drink back to the rest and we neglected to read the ingredients and damn God Darmel had one of his physical babies give us a lecture about pork ingredients. The time where Black Isa came running from around a corner just yelling "Run!" I'm like "God don't run!" Then he was like.."damn!" And we took some lumps that night. By the way, I was the stupid one that night. Being invited to God Darmel's daughter's high school graduation and being introduced as his brothers. Black Isa coming up to New Heaven for the first time which was his first time out of Mecca.

After I capped 120 I didn't travel down to Mecca as often so we lost touch for a minute. I would always see him at the Universal Parliament yet it was brief and in passing. We both had our mission in the Nation. He was getting to knowledge his family in the Now Why while I was working to build the Nation in C-Truth.

This period was important though because, though I wasn't taught the value of family and brotherhood in the Nation it did reinforce it. These same values are what I seek to reinforce whenever I teach. Sun, moon, and star. Brother and companion. Social Equality.

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